Monday, September 10, 2012

September Updates!

Falling behind on my posts... September has got me heading out to Bethesda, Maryland to the 2012 Small Press Expo (SPX). I missed last year so I'll have some new (to SPX peeps) comics & art to show. It's always been a great time going out there, the quality & creativity of the books & art really makes me want to run home, lock myself in my basement and draw for weeks. So if you are in the area on the weekend of 15th, drop on by and say hey. I am at table * G6A * That's geeee-sixxxxx-eaaaaaaa. October has me in a Halloween mood so I'll be at the Elgin Monster Mash-up the weekend before Samhain. More on that next month. Check my links for info on stuff I like. I've been working on some comic stuff that is kinda' top secret in the sense I'm not done with it. But I'm also chugging away on new sketch cards and I managed to make my own SPX promo pic for various social networks. Later....

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