Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Update #2-C2E2

Hey folks,this makes TWO big updates for the month of March!
Well C2E2 has come and gone in all its nerdy glory. I had a great time but I would have preferred to have some more new stuff for returning readers. Thanks to all friends new & old, it was great to see you all. A special cheers to the guy who I talked MOTORHEAD with for like a half an hour. Now I've got 'till August to finish my "master plan" of a big-super-mega collection with new stories. Until then you will have to check back monthly for new sketches and anything else I can think of.
Again check out ok-panic.net for this weeks theme; "Famous Robots".
Above are some stand-out costumes, sketch cards for the show, and a Skateboard I did for a comic store in Ohio (who's card I have to un-bury).

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