Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HorrorHound weekend updates

Back from Cincinnati and the HorrorHound weekend. This was my first time working a Horror show and it was a good time. First off this is the only time that I've been to a Convention where you could DRINK on the show floor. Let me tell you at 9:30pm on a Friday alcohol gives a Horror con pretty cool vibe. Lots of movie makers, lots of masks, lots of freaks in costumes, and lots of ZOMBIES(However surprisingly no Cthulhu).
I sold a set of Universal Monster sketch cards as well as a Sketch for my table neighbor Bill-Zebub (Metal viking) and a VERY specific Godzilla fan. I also ran into Mr. William Atherton of Ghostbusters,Die Hard, and Real Genius. Ya' know...he's the guy that always plays dicks! Anyway I blew the photo because I didn't bring my book for him to hold but I guess maybe next time. By the way... it was Barbasol Shaving Cream that they dropped on him at the end of Ghostbusters.
I'm gonna' go and get my hernia sewn...


Jon said...

Alcohol at a convention!?! That is awesome!

oneyearinindiana said...

It really should be mandatory at all conventions.