Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Updates????

As it turns out October was a pretty busy month what with the scary stuff and so fourth so I'll be giving the October update...on November 1st. Ask anyone I am always late.
The Cincinnati comic show was a great time, I made an ass outa' myself when I met "Sterenko" (one name,like Cher or Bono) but that' why I don"t don't like to meet my idols.
Good thing that Cliff Burton is dead and he didn't have to see that ridiculous picture I drew for his parents back in '85. I digress, anyway my next show is Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati on the 11-13 of November (see next months update in a couple of days) and I am looking forward to drawing scary/goofy pictures for the masses.
Check out :http://www.horrorhoundweekend.com/shows/201111/default.shtml for more info.
I am working on three stories right now not related to One Year in Indiana, but worry not I have some new stuff coming soon. I know that you were not going to worry.
This months stuff: New sketch cards on sale for $5 at the show and a photo from my Disney Halloween vacation.

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