Sunday, December 11, 2011

December-2011 The Year in Review!

I love year in review shows, countdowns, and best of the year crap that always comes at this time of year. Quick edits that show the outrageous shenanigans that I took part in these past twelve months. Well the truth is that I'm a lousy record keeper and I am also just too damn lazy to come up with something so organized and flashy.
So instead I'll just say thanks to everyone I met at this past years worth of conventions. A bigger thanks to those of you who picked up some of my art, weather in comic, or sketch form. I hope to see you again in the new year.
Next year I've got an ambitious list of conventions,(including a possible trip to the Heroes Con & a new indy con in downtown Chicago!) and no less than THREE stories for some of the nicest fellows in the world of underground/independent comics. Mr.John Lennon from CheezeLord comics, Mr. Brian John Mitchel from the Silber Media empire (a sequel to the award winning "Star" mini book") and Mr. Jason Young from Buyer Beware Comics. All due out early in the 2012. Not to mention a long awaited new One Year in Indiana story!
I'll leave you with some end of the year sketches and sneak panel previews for two of the stories I'm doing in 2012.
Happy New Year ya' screwballs!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HorrorHound weekend updates

Back from Cincinnati and the HorrorHound weekend. This was my first time working a Horror show and it was a good time. First off this is the only time that I've been to a Convention where you could DRINK on the show floor. Let me tell you at 9:30pm on a Friday alcohol gives a Horror con pretty cool vibe. Lots of movie makers, lots of masks, lots of freaks in costumes, and lots of ZOMBIES(However surprisingly no Cthulhu).
I sold a set of Universal Monster sketch cards as well as a Sketch for my table neighbor Bill-Zebub (Metal viking) and a VERY specific Godzilla fan. I also ran into Mr. William Atherton of Ghostbusters,Die Hard, and Real Genius. Ya' know...he's the guy that always plays dicks! Anyway I blew the photo because I didn't bring my book for him to hold but I guess maybe next time. By the way... it was Barbasol Shaving Cream that they dropped on him at the end of Ghostbusters.
I'm gonna' go and get my hernia sewn...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Updates

Now I am all caught up on my monthly updates, It's November and I am posting.
In three days I will be in beautiful Cincinnati Ohio (my second home) selling my wares at the HorrorHound show. I am looking forward to seeing what horror fans think of my comic and I'm trying a new thing with selling monster sketch cards. So if you are in the neighborhood drop by and say hello it'll be good gorey fun for all!
This month's pic are some recent additions to my sketch cards. Some are framed and some are not(duh). Hopefully I'll have some freaky pics from the show for next month.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Updates????

As it turns out October was a pretty busy month what with the scary stuff and so fourth so I'll be giving the October update...on November 1st. Ask anyone I am always late.
The Cincinnati comic show was a great time, I made an ass outa' myself when I met "Sterenko" (one name,like Cher or Bono) but that' why I don"t don't like to meet my idols.
Good thing that Cliff Burton is dead and he didn't have to see that ridiculous picture I drew for his parents back in '85. I digress, anyway my next show is Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati on the 11-13 of November (see next months update in a couple of days) and I am looking forward to drawing scary/goofy pictures for the masses.
Check out : for more info.
I am working on three stories right now not related to One Year in Indiana, but worry not I have some new stuff coming soon. I know that you were not going to worry.
This months stuff: New sketch cards on sale for $5 at the show and a photo from my Disney Halloween vacation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Updates!

Summer is over and I no longer have to sweat uncontrollably just sitting. This month I venture to my home away from home, Cincinnati Ohio, to attend the one day Cincinnati Comic Expo on September 17th. This year looks like a good time and I look forward to going even though I'll be missing Oktoberfest in "Zinzinnati" down the street.
(Far be it from me to promote something else besides the comic show but the Oktoberfest is a freaking good time.)
I'll have the new "Welcome to One Year in Indiana" trade to sell, the OK Panic sketchbook, some sketch cards and the cup o' fun that I had at Wizard Chicago. so drop by.
I am working on getting the trade into stores and Amazon so I'll let you know when that happens. And check back because I'll be doing three new stories for friends in the coming months that includes a sequel to the award winning "Star" Mini-Mini comic from last year!
See for that story and more comics.
And Check out for more info on the show.

Friday, August 19, 2011

August updtes-Pt. 2 Chicago Comicon.

I know that summer is almost done because I am just getting over my Wizard World Chicago Comicon extravaganza hangover. This year I really thought that this show would be continuing is slow decent into a comic swap meet with b-list guests. Well it is doing that for sure but, there were a crap load of people at the show so that is good.
I saw many old friends and made several new ones that weekend and to that I say thanks ladies and gentlemen!
I sold some books and did several commission pieces including my very first EVER unicorn. Yea I'm man enough to draw a unicorn, and cookie monster too. So suck it.
Next month is the Cincinnati Comic Expo more info in September.

Monday, August 8, 2011

August updates

Well this is the big month, the Chicago Comicon show (or Wizard World whatever) is in a couple of days and despite the flood I got my shit together and will have something besides wet paper to show. By the way the wet paper is on clearance for this show only!
I have the "new old" collection that has every story and web comics in a shinny glossy new book that is sure to please and is worth filing in with your real comics.
In addition I've got monster sketch cards & prints for sale. And if that is not enough I have collected all my OK-Panic! themes and put them into a full color sketchbook.
I'm @ table 3130 come by and say hello!
p.s. I'll be taking photos of all the locals so get ready for that!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Updates-Flood

Nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning, after seeing a fake Led Zeppelin at the local "Summer Fling", to find that the loud thunderstorms last night brought along flooding rains. And a flooded basement, and I should have moved my "Convention Suitcase" before it got soaked. Oops!
Well I lost my entire back stock of books, some display signs, and some sketch cards but I will still plan on going to Chicago Comic Con in a few weeks. It's just a matter of what I'll have. I'll let you know.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Updates

A late update this month but I am sure that you have been too busy blowing shit up shit to care.
Summit City con was awesome, it was great seeing several mid-western friends at the show. A little too much gin on Friday night did not temper the one day show for me. The staff and volunteers treated all the artists like kings with a "gopher" for each aisle, and the padded seats made me wonder why all con's can't treat their artists like this. (I'm looking in your direction sweat-box overpriced Chicago-Wizard-world-Con.)
Be sure to check out the show next year on May 12th 2012, never too early to plan huh?

I introduced Monster Sketch Cards at this show which I will have at the August Chicago Comic-con,(yea the one I was bitching about a minute ago) on sale for $5. I did some H.P. Lovecraft stuff along with a totally underrated character "THE MAN-THING".

I'll be at he Cincinnati Comic expo on September 17th and the Horrorhound weekend also in Cincinnati on November 11th -13th. I'll be giving long-winded updates next month.
This month a couple of costumes from Summit and the Man-thing sketch card.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June updates

Ah summer has arrived, and with it the heat and humidity. Con season is in full swing and even though I'll be missing the SPX show in September I have three shows lined up from now through September.
Coming up on the 18th of June is the Summit City Comic Con in Fort Wayne Indiana.
I'll be there selling stuff and doing sketches if there is demand.
By the time the Chicago ComiCon show comes in August the new collection called "Welcome to One Year in Indiana" will be done. There I've said it and now it HAS to happen.
This months random sketches include Conrad in a tank top ala Dan Spitz from Anthrax, and the self rejected picture for the OK-Panic theme "Doctors". See the good one at:
Later dudes, enjoy the boiling!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May Updates

May is here and it's got a whole bunch of "not much" going on. Since I don't have any really new stuff to update, I'll plug some friends stuff 'cause that's what it's all about right?
Big man Eric Shonborn has been chugging along on his Sketch-a-day project for some months now so check his angry ass out at:

My friend Ava-Ann has got a similar thing going on with a theme, PANDA'S! Check out those cute/evil/pensive animals at:

My twisted soulless friend Jon Lennon (yea that's his name) has a comic that is a trip down a dark decaying path of black humor. Check it out at:

OK-Panic! has got some great new themes (I picked one this month) so be sure to check it out.
This month I continue the carnival/county fair theme (maybe a new story) and a sketch from the Boba Fett of Indiana: Patch Eye Frat Guy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Updates

I just got myself into a new convention for this year, since I probably will not get into SPX, I will be trying out the Summit City Con in Fort Wayne Indiana! This will be my first show in the Hoosier State and I realize the irony here. Or is it ironic? After that stupid song I don't really understand what ironic is anymore.
And I also want to address the whole "Promo Bottle Opener Situation". As it turns out those things sucked and broke easily. Sorry! I have something new this year that will fill the gap left by cheap promotional products. Tumblers! If your interested email me and I'll let you the info.
This month I've got a random sketch and something from my I-65 pamphlet(new this year).
Come by and visit me on the twitter and don't forget, this month it's FAMOUS ROBOTS and Scooby Doo!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Update #2-C2E2

Hey folks,this makes TWO big updates for the month of March!
Well C2E2 has come and gone in all its nerdy glory. I had a great time but I would have preferred to have some more new stuff for returning readers. Thanks to all friends new & old, it was great to see you all. A special cheers to the guy who I talked MOTORHEAD with for like a half an hour. Now I've got 'till August to finish my "master plan" of a big-super-mega collection with new stories. Until then you will have to check back monthly for new sketches and anything else I can think of.
Again check out for this weeks theme; "Famous Robots".
Above are some stand-out costumes, sketch cards for the show, and a Skateboard I did for a comic store in Ohio (who's card I have to un-bury).

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Updates

Lots of big stuff going down this month. First off my awesome web goddess Jane did some updates to the website literally moments before she gave birth. God bless her her new room mate Mr. Leo. Next, C2E2 is in a couple of weeks (March 18th-20th).
I don't know my table assignment yet but maybe you can figure it out on their website
I'll have some new stuff to look at while I still get the book together for this summer so be sure to stop on by. And last but not least I am on my third bi-weekly theme for the OK Panic! artist collective website. I joined up with these guys and now every two weeks we'll be doing a different theme. Last week was Garfield, next week...?
So check it out:
This months pic are my Illustration for my new PROMO ITEM! Guess what it is?

Friday, February 4, 2011

February updates

Do I think I can squeeze out a monthly update?! I do. At any rate I had to finally come to the conclusion that I will not have my "Indiana" collection finished by C2E2 in March.
But I'll be bringing some stuff to enjoy and I'll have the book all finished nice and shinny by this summer. So...suck it.
I have just signed on to do bi-weekly art for a web page called OK Panic! Every two weeks there will be a different theme that myself and three other artists will interpret. So check it out!

Look for me on Twitter, I will not post anything until I get somebody out there that wants to hear from me so say hello @PungentBasement.!/PungentBasement

This month you can look at a new self portrait and a preview page for the new collection.
later dates....