Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Update #2-C2E2

Hey folks,this makes TWO big updates for the month of March!
Well C2E2 has come and gone in all its nerdy glory. I had a great time but I would have preferred to have some more new stuff for returning readers. Thanks to all friends new & old, it was great to see you all. A special cheers to the guy who I talked MOTORHEAD with for like a half an hour. Now I've got 'till August to finish my "master plan" of a big-super-mega collection with new stories. Until then you will have to check back monthly for new sketches and anything else I can think of.
Again check out ok-panic.net for this weeks theme; "Famous Robots".
Above are some stand-out costumes, sketch cards for the show, and a Skateboard I did for a comic store in Ohio (who's card I have to un-bury).

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Updates

Lots of big stuff going down this month. First off my awesome web goddess Jane did some updates to the website literally moments before she gave birth. God bless her her new room mate Mr. Leo. Next, C2E2 is in a couple of weeks (March 18th-20th).
I don't know my table assignment yet but maybe you can figure it out on their website http://www.c2e2.com/
I'll have some new stuff to look at while I still get the book together for this summer so be sure to stop on by. And last but not least I am on my third bi-weekly theme for the OK Panic! artist collective website. I joined up with these guys and now every two weeks we'll be doing a different theme. Last week was Garfield, next week...?
So check it out: ok-panic.net
This months pic are my Illustration for my new PROMO ITEM! Guess what it is?