Friday, August 19, 2011

August updtes-Pt. 2 Chicago Comicon.

I know that summer is almost done because I am just getting over my Wizard World Chicago Comicon extravaganza hangover. This year I really thought that this show would be continuing is slow decent into a comic swap meet with b-list guests. Well it is doing that for sure but, there were a crap load of people at the show so that is good.
I saw many old friends and made several new ones that weekend and to that I say thanks ladies and gentlemen!
I sold some books and did several commission pieces including my very first EVER unicorn. Yea I'm man enough to draw a unicorn, and cookie monster too. So suck it.
Next month is the Cincinnati Comic Expo more info in September.

Monday, August 8, 2011

August updates

Well this is the big month, the Chicago Comicon show (or Wizard World whatever) is in a couple of days and despite the flood I got my shit together and will have something besides wet paper to show. By the way the wet paper is on clearance for this show only!
I have the "new old" collection that has every story and web comics in a shinny glossy new book that is sure to please and is worth filing in with your real comics.
In addition I've got monster sketch cards & prints for sale. And if that is not enough I have collected all my OK-Panic! themes and put them into a full color sketchbook.
I'm @ table 3130 come by and say hello!
p.s. I'll be taking photos of all the locals so get ready for that!