Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation Pics?

Bath House? Abandon outdoor theater? Me acting like a Diety with my Deer Minions? All part of a good afternoon.

July Updates & Vacation Pics!

Summer is here and it's a dry wasteland as far as upcoming events. This gives me a chance to start some new projects and continue sketch cards for the upcoming fall season. I'm sorry to say that the CAKE show was a bit of a bust despite the high turnout. Good show but not a good match I'm afraid. Win some lose some eh? (I'm gonna' start using "eh?" a lot more.) Sometimes I need to share more than just updates on conventions and new art. I'm a person too and I want to show my "softer" side. This month in addition to some new sketch cards, custom painted bean bag games (watch for more of these this fall!) I'm sharing vacation photos from the scariest place on earth: Deer Forest in Coloma, Michigan. Welcome to Fairytale land, those dead eyes still haunt me. later, -kurt