Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Updates

I just got myself into a new convention for this year, since I probably will not get into SPX, I will be trying out the Summit City Con in Fort Wayne Indiana! This will be my first show in the Hoosier State and I realize the irony here. Or is it ironic? After that stupid song I don't really understand what ironic is anymore.
And I also want to address the whole "Promo Bottle Opener Situation". As it turns out those things sucked and broke easily. Sorry! I have something new this year that will fill the gap left by cheap promotional products. Tumblers! If your interested email me and I'll let you the info.
This month I've got a random sketch and something from my I-65 pamphlet(new this year).
Come by and visit me on the twitter and don't forget Ok-Panic.net, this month it's FAMOUS ROBOTS and Scooby Doo!