Monday, June 4, 2012

June Updates-Summit City, Etsy &CAKE!

Last month I set up my table of fun at the Summit City Con in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. This was my second time and it was indeed a great show. I would have loved to gotten there a little earlier so I could enjoy a Tin Cups baseball game & a cocktail, but maybe next year. Zack Kruse really sets up a great show. Nice venue, great town, good people & staff and the most comfortable chairs I have ever had at a comic convention. KUDOS, and I hope to be there next year! Sorry no pics, I left my camera in the car and I was pretty busy I didn't want to duck out. Next up for me is the new C.A.K.E. show on the 16th & 17th of June. It looks as though I might only be there on the 16th so come by early! I may have special guests sitting at my table keeping me company, so special I cannot even comment in print,(no it's not my Mom.) so again come by and support the new indie con in town. This will be my last Chicago appearance (short of me appearing at a Jewels or Domicnic's grocery store) until NOVEMBER! Sorry no Wizard World this year. I have opened up an Etsy store online because Amazon is just too expensive for little ol' me and my tiny book. I'll put up the link on the side. Check it out for all your art and book needs! Lastly I hope to have a re-vamped website soon, the problem is that I have to finish up some illustrations for it. This month are some concepts for future monster cards and art for the web page. Later,