Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Updates

Holy crap! Halloween is over and we have moved into the fine dreary month of November. Most of my gloomy friends love this month and will probably be cranking out their Souixie and the Banshee, Samhain, and Peter Murphy records. I think that I'll go with Blue Oyster Cult and leave it at that. But enough about my classic rock choices and lets hear about things going on. I've got two events that I am a part of this month. First off is the FIRST Chicagoland Days of The Dead show in beautiful Schaumburg IL on the weekend of the 16-18th. There are a list of fun guests as usual but the one I look forward to is Lita Ford for no other reason than I had a GIANT poster of her in my bedroom in my young teen metalhead days. I however will not be getting any pictures taken with her because I frequently turn into a dork whenever I meet a "celebrity".(Even the minor ones. No offense Lita.) The "Sterenko encounter" killed all future signings/photo-ops. The next thing is a new one for me. I'll be at a Atomic Sketch event with my fine and twisted friends from Cheese Lord comics. At the Green Eye Lounge on November 29th, I'll be setting up shop and doing some drawing requests. Maybe having a few cocktails. There maybe a direct correlation between the amount of cocktails I have, and the quality and quantity of said sketches. But either way it'll be fun. And a big thanks to Jon Lennon for the invite. So check out the links for more info and be sure to watch my Facebook page as well. This month's sketches are a return to "The BLOB project 2012" and some art I did for Bucket of Blood Books and records benefit. go to : for the deal. That's it folks, -later