Sunday, December 11, 2011

December-2011 The Year in Review!

I love year in review shows, countdowns, and best of the year crap that always comes at this time of year. Quick edits that show the outrageous shenanigans that I took part in these past twelve months. Well the truth is that I'm a lousy record keeper and I am also just too damn lazy to come up with something so organized and flashy.
So instead I'll just say thanks to everyone I met at this past years worth of conventions. A bigger thanks to those of you who picked up some of my art, weather in comic, or sketch form. I hope to see you again in the new year.
Next year I've got an ambitious list of conventions,(including a possible trip to the Heroes Con & a new indy con in downtown Chicago!) and no less than THREE stories for some of the nicest fellows in the world of underground/independent comics. Mr.John Lennon from CheezeLord comics, Mr. Brian John Mitchel from the Silber Media empire (a sequel to the award winning "Star" mini book") and Mr. Jason Young from Buyer Beware Comics. All due out early in the 2012. Not to mention a long awaited new One Year in Indiana story!
I'll leave you with some end of the year sketches and sneak panel previews for two of the stories I'm doing in 2012.
Happy New Year ya' screwballs!