Saturday, May 5, 2012


In one week I will be at the Summit City Con in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne Indiana. It's my second time showing and it should be a good time. I'll be doing sketch cards and turning people into the undead upon request. Along with my usual stack o' stuff I have new stuff! I just received a package from my pal (and fellow ok-panic artist) Jason Young over at Buyer Beware comics. In said package is the newest "Veggie Dog Saturn Special" where I illustrated a story for Jason about his eating habits in Jr. High. No, I'm not joking. Check out my links or just come by the show to get yer hands on his comics.
It also looks like I will be at the CAKE show in June. C.A.K.E. (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) is a new show right in the heart of downtown Chicago at Columbia College. It seems that space was very limited and I am glad to get in. For more info I'm re-doing my web site VERY soon so I am busy adding new art and getting together stuff for new galleries. Last but not least it looks like I have stared maybe the stupidest year long project I could come up with: THE BLOB PROJECT 2012. This will be a year long study of the formless mass of Horror film fun & how I can draw him to look cool. Stay tuned! Until then, come by the Summit City show and say hello. Later,