Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Updates

Meteorological spring is here and we shall all rejoice with sacrifices to celebrate the death and rebirth of Attis, the god of vegetation. On a lighter note, this month starts off my biggest convention season yet with six shows planned (four confirmed, and two hotels booked). I have been working overtime like Randy Bachman to get all the stuff ready for the first show this month...Horrorhound Cincinnati! I've got new prints, framed art and of course sketch cards that I am still working on as we speak. I now take CREDIT CARDS at my table so there is no excuse for not buying anything. I will be joined by my main man Eric Shonborn at the table this year so please come by and and say hello and stroke our fragile arty egos. Also, I'll be staring up my "One question" interview segment for the Guttertrash podcasting network at this show so if you check out the Horrorhound site you'll see what weirdos I can choose from. My Etsy store is being filled up with stuff this month so if you can't make the shows you can still buy for the spring season sacrifices. My new prints are limited runs of local sport team logos that I've made too look like the undead or infected. I've posted a few for you to check out and they will be in the store by the end of this month. If my train is on time I'll get to work by nine on the newest installment of the STAR mini comic (yea more classic rock references jammed in there for no reason) so maybe it will be done by April other wise I'll let it ride. See you next month with wacky photos from this show and a preview of the C2E2 show, until then... later,

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