Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 2013 UPDATES!

This month's convention news is all about the C2E2 on the 26th thru 28th. Thousands of people from around the globe will be coming to Chicago Illinois for all things that are nerdy and fun. I have a table in artists alley ( Table M15 right next to table M14. ) where I'll have a full 4 foot section to display art, comics, various sketches and fun. The "fun" has yet to be determined so keep your eyes peeled for updates. There isn't much to say about the show, it's huge, there will be a ton of artists/celebrities/stuff and I'll have my tiny island there. Come by and say hello and ask for a sketch or even directions to the cleanest bathroom. But before C2E2 a show is going on that I will not be attending but I want to mention anyway. On April 13th & 14th The 2013 SPACE show in Columbus Ohio is going on. I have a couple of friends and acquaintances at that show so please go and support Independent Comics like I can't this year. Look for these folks for good conversation and great products: Silber Media Jason Young and Buyer Beware Comics Eric Adams Derf Backderf Mark Rudolph This month's pics are a Hellboy sketch (I'll have random hero-ish sketches at the table this year) and a work in progress. See you next month, -later


Eric S said...

I hope you try to get some Man on the Street Interviews for that podcast you work for.

oneyearinindiana said...

I've got a couple in my schedule.