Monday, April 29, 2013

C2E2 report reviews and updates!

It's the Monday after probably the biggest convention weekend that I do and strangely enough I am pretty tired. Mostly mentally really. It's not like I'm one of those guys at McCormic Place that has to disassemble the giant screen and stage or clean the destroyed bathrooms for Gods sake. Hats off to the cleaner of Nerd mess I say. But I am suffering in a way that only a pasty slightly overweight artistic-type can, so your pity is welcomed. Anyway... C2E2 is proving to be a great show that is growing every year and that's great because the Wizard show has evolved into a big sweat box full of sorrow. I was greeted by plenty of familiar faces along with a couple of new folks all checking out what I'm doing. Fast statistics are as follows: 2- the amount of dicks I drew for people (up from zero last year), 2- references for tattoo artists (one of which was an artist himself), 5- people that asked if I had done any new comics in the past year then I had to tell them no. (that resulted in self shame), 0- times I used the public bathroom (All artist alley members use the executive lavatory, if you didn't know about that well that's a shame.), 2- Female Dr. Strange, Too Many- people in costume who were WAY too much in Character. (I'm looking at you zombie lady I saw at 10am on Friday the first day of the show) 1- New interview for the Guttertrash podcast. I'd like to send out much love to all the new folks and repeat customers that stopped by and picked up a few things, welcome aboard and feel free to check out my Etsy store in the links section. Also many hugs for all my friends artistic and beyond for hanging out and amusing me. I'm going to try out adding a soundtrack for each monthly update with some band that I've been listening to or have seen, or will be seeing live. I just saw the band Black Tusk last week at Chicago's Bottom Lounge opening for Kvelertak. This is an old clip but the best quality that I could find. Check out the links on the sidebar for viewing. I have some major beard envy on these guys. Enjoy the random weirdo pics from the show... -later

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